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Week 1 of the NFL opened on Thursday with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Houston Texans 34–20. It should be obvious that in what is possibly the worst year in recent memory, fans would be clamoring for the return of America’s most popular sport-but last night’s ratings proved that premise to be wholly incorrect.

According to reports, last night’s game fell 16% compared to last year, and right on queue, journoactivst climbed over themselves to provide any excuse for their manufactured narrative failing. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the excuses made so far:

Covid: People don’t want to watch football on their televisions at home because why? They’re afraid to get sick. Does anyone with a functioning brain believe that?

No fans in the stands: People don’t want watch because their no fans at the stadium-except there were as many fans as the Chiefs could allow last night.

Sports Fatigue: According to Frank Busby at Yahoo Sports:

Ratings for all sports, not just politically active ones, are down across the board. The twin societal hurricanes of a pandemic and racial protests have forced sports into a secondary role. Ongoing wildfires on the West Coast are a far more pressing concern to millions than whether Patrick Mahomes has a good day passing. It’s tough to relax with football when the world is crushing down on you.

Remember when 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina happened and the NFL’s ratings fell? Me neither.

The only thing really left is the simplest answer: The NFL, like the NBA, has gone too far to the Left. People didn’t want a political lecture in 2016 and they don’t want one now. But according to the journoactivist spin, we merely proved their point for them. We are all in fact, the evil-awful-racist they always claimed we were.

According to them, the oppression of the poor millionaire athletes began right before kickoff when the fans in the stadium, comprising solely of white supremacists, booed the players while they virtue signaled.

Predictably, the journoactivist rushed to condemn everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Kansas City Fans Boo Players Protesting Racism With Moment of Unity

Inside Hook

K.C. Chiefs fans’ booing moment of unity for ‘ongoing fight for equality’ mars NFL home opener
The “nasty, embarrassing” moment marred the Chiefs’ season-opening victory.

NBC News

Houston Texan, JJ Watt, whined:

The moment of unity I personally thought was good,” Watt told reporters. “The booing was unfortunate during that moment — I don’t fully understand that, there was no flag in that, there was nothing involved in that other than two teams coming together to show unity.

The suggestion here is that the players were fighting against racism and showing unity, but those evil-nasty-snaggle toothed fans were just frothing at the mouth and wishing for the simpler times when football was played on the plantations of the antebellum south.

In reality, this is just the same tiresome motte and bailey argument I discussed last week. The fact is, most fans, myself included, are unequivocally against racism. However, what we are also against are the batshit crazy ideas that the radicals tell us we must subscribe to. Despite their best efforts to shame us into ideological submission, we know that two things can be true simultaneously. We refuse to accept that we are racist regardless of whether we intend to be. We know that supporting structures that give, in many cases, athletes the opportunity to transcend horrible poverty-doesn’t make us racist. We are against the canonizing of a credibly accused rapist at the expense of the narrative that all police are racist. It’s not that we don’t like black people or support police shooting innocent black people writ large. It’s just that if the police are going to shoot a rapist seven times-they should probably make it eight because rapist are scum no matter their color. Finally, we believe in the idea that this country and the American Flag-the same flag that was still flying when the bloody civil war that ended slavery concluded-is the ultimate symbol of freedom and we are insulted when you call it and us racist.

No matter how the journoactivist spin it, the fans see this for what it is: A bunch of race grifters enlisting useful idiots to sell us on their path to power. So they’ll continue to lie and tell us what a horrible place America is and how awful we all are. That’s okay. It’s a free country and they can lie all they want. Fortunately, for the fans, the numbers don’t.

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