The Lesson of Chernobyl — Throw’em Open

If you haven’t seen the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl, I suggest you check it out because it’s well worth the watch for numerous reasons. Chief among them is exactly how the Soviet Union confronted the problem posed by a nuclear disaster. The salient point for the Iron Curtain was that under no circumstances-could the world know that such a catastrophe could occur within the Soviet Union. For the Soviet Government, that meant minimizing, shifting blame, and above all-maintaining the narrative that the Soviet Union and its way of life was infallible. Warning spoilers: Toward the end of the miniseries, the main scientist that is responsible for solving the meltdown, testify’s before a Soviet kangaroo court about who is responsible for the meltdown. The Scientist, under the threat of death, is expected to shift the blame unto three incompetent employees. However, that is only half of the truth; the other part, which the Soviet Government desperately wished to remain secret, is that the Soviets were well aware of a malfunction in a safety device and yet proceeded to allow the power plants to operate. Much to ire of the Soviets, the Scientist reveals the flaw remarking, “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid.” Put another way, a lie doesn’t change the truth and eventually the truth will have be confronted, along with its consequences.

I think there’s a lot to be learned from what happened in the Soviet Union because history is often repeated when we fail to learn from it. Consider the past few weeks. First, we’ve been informed that American symbols, specifically the American Flag, are now racist. How we do know? Because civil rights hero and best quarterback of all time, Colin Kaepernick, told us so. The millionaire and adopted son of two white parents is the arbiter of racist symbols.

When he tells Nike that the Betsy Ross flag is racist, you better believe it’s racist. Never mind that Betsy Ross was a Quaker and an abolitionist. Never mind that Mr. Kaepernick and his media apologist assured us that kneeling for the National Anthem was not about the American Flag, but rather the country itself. Those are inconvenient truths that don’t fit the narrative that America, and by extension American sports, is racist and bigoted. Therefore, we need to totally destroy our culture and usher in a socialist utopia. You know, like the Soviets, but better because this time, “they’ll” be in charge.

Consider the United States Woman’s Soccer Team. I can honestly say that I was genuinely happy when they won the World Cup and that for now, America has the best Woman’s Soccer Team on the planet. However, the win was soured by the comments and behavior of the players. Gone are the days of the “Miracle on Ice”. No longer are we able to take a sporting moment and unite over it. Instead, we are bombarded with lies about a gender pay gap and how Megan Rapinoe is the new Muhammed Ali.

After the win, Rapinoe made the rounds to various news outlets and pontificated that women are discriminated against by men and FIFA should be compelled to pay them equally (socialism). Yet she simultaneously stated that the best way for the Women’s team to be paid more, is for more people to buy tickets (capitalism). Her ignorance is astounding, but we can’t let her own admission, or the fact the Men’s World Cup generates more money, or that the Women actually get a larger cut, get in the way of the narrative: Women in America are discriminated against by the evil patriarchy.

I’d like to say that the Women’s Soccer Team disgrace stopped there, but Rapinoe et al. are determined we hold their beer. What made her such an obvious symbol for the woke brigade is that she was the best player on the field that is also a purple haired lesbian and loathes Donald Trump. Not only has she been able to emotionally appeal the narrative that women are discriminated against, but the fact that she’s gay; allows her to speak to the narrative that Donald Trump is actively endangering the LGBTQ community. According to this narrative, Trump is dividing the country and the solution is to only speak to people that agree with you because that is unity. While there is absolutely no evidence that gays or trans people are being rounded up for the gas chamber by Trump or the U.S. Government, much less any sort of legislation that deprives them of civil rights; we must still believe that the LGBTQ community is under a clear and immediate danger from this Administration and it’s Nazi sleeper cells.

This brings me back to Chernobyl and how lies incur a debt to the truth. Like the Soviet Union, these athletes are invested in the lie that they in no way share responsibility for the problems that affect their lives. They are the victims and their opposition-the oppressors. Moral equivalents of Nazis whose point of view should not even be considered, much less heard. Don’t attempt to think for yourself. Ignore contradictory evidence because you carry an implicit bias that you yourself can’t even see. Fortunately, these paragons virtue are able to peer into your soul and see the bias. They alone can accurately impute your motives. Everything would be so much better if we just trusted our individual agency to them. They would never be a Jospeh Stalin or Vladimir Lenin because they are far better humans. They know this because they feel it to be so. Unfortunately, disagreement will result in a trial by the kangaroo court of liberal media outlets with twitter as your jury. Due process is a tool of the oppressor. Therefore, it must be discarded in favor of the accusation on its own and in accordance with the place in which accuser occupies inside the hierarchy of oppression. If you posses this combination of immutable characteristics: white skin color, male genitalia, and a heterosexual orientation; you will be immediately found guilty and fed to the mob while being forced to wear the Scarlett “R” of racist. Never mind that these ideas have been tried and failed time again while incurring a devastating toll on human life. This time is different. This time the lies will incur no cost to the truth because the truth should be used to pay for the narrative-just like Chernobyl.

Originally published at on July 19, 2019.




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Outlaw Sports: KEJ

Outlaw Sports: KEJ

Outlaws Sports. A Sports Website for free thinking individuals.

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