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4 min readSep 3, 2020

Week 1 of the NFL season starts in seven days. After what might be the single worst year in modern history, a sabbath day of football might be exactly what we need right now. One day to just forget about Covid-19, riots, and presidential elections. We could set aside our differences (at least for a few hours) and find commonality through football. Unfortunately, like most of 2020-we’re screwed.

As reported by ProFootballTalk, Roger Goodell said on Tuesday during a conference call:

The NFL stands with the black community, the players, clubs, and fans confronting systemic racism. We will not relent in our work.

To that end, starting week 1 of the season, the NFL will paint “end racism” and “it takes us all” in end zones of each game.

To summarize, after months of Americans having their lives turned upside down because of a pandemic, which in theory would drive the demand for sports to return,up; the NBA (which returned earlier) has lost, according to the latest Harris Poll surveying 2000 people-2/3 of respondents due to the NBA’s politics and the ratings reflect this. So the NFL, which experienced similar ratings drops a few years ago because of Colin Kapernick, is going to follow the NBA’s lead. This begs the question, how did the 32 owners become billionaires-when they’re obviously so stupid? The answer is rather simple. The owners are not stupid-they’re cowards.

Leagues like the NFL and NBA have structures that separate the fans from the athletes because of the owners. The athletes (employees) only see a billionaire who cuts them a check. They often miss where the money for that check actually comes from-the fans. Therefore, when the athletes insult their customers, it’s lost on them that they are actually only hurting themselves because they see the owners having an inexhaustible bank whose money isn’t dependent on supply and demand. The owners, who are risk-averse, have calculated that the fans will care less about being insulted by their employees than the product they produce. Simultaneously, they are avoiding the accusation of being racist by capitulating to the athletes and their powerful media enablers. The end result, Sundays are now nothing more than glorified sermons for the woke religion.

For the foreseeable future, fans will be lectured about how awful they are and how evil their country is to the millionaire athletes playing the game. Should they speak out against this in any meaningful way, they’ll be reminded what a horrible-evil-racist they are. After all, these players are fighting against racism, and who amongst us doesn’t think racism is bad, except of course-racist?

Can you spot the game being played? This is what’s called the Motte and Bailey strategy. This strategy is named after the medieval structure that consisted of a courtyard on lower ground and a fortress on higher ground. When the Bailey was attacked, the people would retreat to the Motte for protection.

This concept is used in argumentation as well. Take The Miami Heralds, Armando Salguero’s recent comments about Ryan Tannehill, and the Tennessee Titans message concerning Jacob Blake for example:

Ryan Tannehill says the United States of America “was founded upon racist ideas…”
I am so sick of the America bashing by people who have never lived and would never live anywhere else. pic.twitter.com/xHgA8nHvyN

- Armando Salguero (@ArmandoSalguero) August 28, 2020

Of course, Armando Salguero was called a racist by the media and forced to apologize.

I’m not sure about you, but it’s hard to see anything racist about that tweet. It seems that Salguero is only criticizing what is an obviously nonsensical statement from Tannehill. But this how the Motte and Bailey strategy works. First, a controversial claim is made (the Bailey). In this case, America was founded on racist ideas. When the claim is attacked, with something like, “How is the idea ‘All men are created equal’-racist?”, the claimant retreats back to an uncontroversial position (the Motte). “We are fighting racism. Don’t you think racism is bad?” Now the person attacking the argument is expected to concede to the uncontroversial position. Afterward, the claimant moves back to the controversial position. Essentially, the Motte is used to prove that the Bailey is correct. However, the whole argument relies upon the two positions needing to be true at once. That is to say, in order for you not to be racist, you must believe that America was founded on racist ideas. This, of course, sounds absurd when you say it like that. It is entirely possible for someone not to be racist and believe that America wasn’t founded on racist ideas.

So how doe this end this? How do the fans take back Sundays? The answer is simple, but like 2020-not easy. Use the free market because that is the fan’s only weapon. Because movements like BLM are explicitly and inherently Marxist, they believe that a free market is not only oppressive but an idea for the less enlightened. Therefore, they turn their nose up to it and ignore its power because they believe they can bully and scold the masses into submission. They use anecdotal evidence such as what they were able to do to Armando Salguero as their evidence. But like the athletes, they are willfully ignorant of how things actually work. Without the fans, the bank of the billionaire owner ceases to function. So for the sake of Sunday and having few hours where we don’t have listen to the all the outside garbage-turn off football this year because this season will be worse than having no football at all.

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